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What’s the cost of AliBat per square metre?

Based on a usage of 4 metres of batten per square metre, AliBat will cost around $28 per square metre.

How does AliBat compare with other batten products?

AliBat is non-combustible, unlike plastic or wood battens. It is also lighter than steel battens and has superior load capacity. AliBat is the superior batten for weatherboard cladding above three levels.

How long will AliBat last and what guarantee do I have?

The AliBat aluminium substrate is warranted in normal use against rotting, rusting, distorting or cracking for 100 years.

In what lengths is AliBat available?

AliBat come in long 5.8 metre lengths and is pre-drilled for fixing fastenings at 100mm centres, to save onsite labour costs.

Does AliBat require a specialist installer?

No, AliBat can be used in the same way as any other batten. It can also be used to straighten walls because it is very straight. AliBat shims are available for straightening walls.

Is AliBat suitable for marine or harsh environments?

Being aluminium means AliBat won’t rot, crack or delaminate and can also be powder coated to provide enhanced protection. It’s suitable for high wind load applications of up to 4KPa at 600mm batten centres and 6.09KPa at 300mm batten centres. This makes it an ideal choice for harsh environments; both marine and high exposure site.

How does AliBat affect the environment?

Aluminium is inert in the environment, and it’s 100% recyclable so will not enter landfills like so many other building products that contain heavy metals or aren’t able to be re-used. Aluminium is one of the most common elements in the earth’s crust so there is no limit to the supply of the metal. It’s benign and very adaptable, which made it the obvious choice for long lived battens.

Where is AliBat made?

AliBat is made in China, so that it can be produced in the most cost effective manner and therefore create a more affordable product.

Is AliBat straight?

AliBat is so straight that it can be used to correct building exteriors.

Is AliBat BRANZ tested?

AliBat has been BRANZ face load tested and approved for wind loads of 6.09kPa.

What other uses does AliBat have?

AliBat can be used to provide cladding support where cladding is required to cantilever over seismic or expansion joints. It is also suitable for low ground clearance applications where it is likely to come into constant contact with moisture. Like Nu-Wall cladding products, AliBat is not hygroscopic and can be specified with minimal ground clearance.

Where can I get AliBat specs?

Visit our resources page for all you need.